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    Penny Butler

    Trying the Celtic Cross spread for the first time (I’ve only been using oracle cards until I got this beautiful Sirian Starseed Tarot deck by Patricia Cori and now I want to try and figure out the Tarot stuff which is a lot more of a learning curve!)

    1.) Current Influences & general direction of reading:
    The Shadow (aka The Devil in normal tarot deck)...
    I interpreted as my current enslavement & things holding me back from my freedom & destiny, my self-limiting beliefs & dis-empowerment, deep-healing work & integrating lessons / new perspectives gained from dark night of the soul earlier in the year.

    2.) Immediate Influences revealing nature of obstacles before you:
    2 of Crystals (Pentacles)
    Interpreted as weighing up & considering the options before me, seeing how I can combine them and balance them for the journey ahead.

    3.) Past Foundations / recent past influences from which your current situation has arisen:
    7 of Chalices (Cups)
    Intepreted as all the challenges & distractions & growth that has led up to the current moment of deciding my next move.

    4.) Past Events / recent influence which is coming to an end:
    5 of Orbs (Swords)
    Deluding myself from the big picture, limited beliefs, ego, sacrificing integrity.

    5.) Goals & Destiny / Best outcome from current situation:
    Ace of Flames (Wands)
    Aspiring to greatness, inspiring the spirit, will, passion, moving forward on the path, pursuing the impossible dream, noble quest, higher meaning, shining the torch for others, raising consciousness, new adventure

    6.) Future influence that will soon be brought to bear in your life:
    3 of Orbs (Swords)
    Challenges & struggles ahead, possibility more remnants of dark night of the soul, & all the challenges and hurdles with moving and getting the biz going, leaving my current job, but with the power of hindsight, knowing this will allow me to let go of beliefs that do not serve the big picture, to transmute any suffering into a wisdom-gaining experience, and to look to the light, acceptance, gain insights, and to focus on the light.

    7.) The Querant (you) / your negative feelings / additional info about how you feel in present environment:
    IV Reason
    Asks me to bring more structure & grounding as well as the need for discipline to attain my goals.

    8.) Friends/Family / influence on the people around you and vice versa:
    XVIII Luna
    Looking at how those around me are a reflection/mirror, and have fluxes of balance and emotions, different phases, and asks me to understanding of what phases other people may be at, and myself, and to learn from it, as well as what am I & they, still concealing – where are we not being our true, authentic selves..

    (I really don’t know about this Luna card and how it relates.. I feel like I’m reading it wrong..)

    9.) Hopes, Fears, and Ideals / inner emotions:
    XVII The Star
    What do I dream for the future… Shine the light for others.

    10.) The Final Outcome to your question / product of all other influences shown in this spread:
    Sage of Crystals
    Ability to guide others to abundance, freedom, independence & self-reliance.

    Thoughts / additions / re-interpretations? very interested in learning how to read spreads like this and the tarot in general.. 🙂

    My current situation as it relates to my intention for doing the spread:
    Living out of a van, was going to travel fulltime but have instead decided to get a share-house with like-minded people to start an internet business (I’m an ex-internet marketer) to work with lightworkers to get out of their normal enslavement and into their own empowerment so they can share their gifts/purpose/destiny with the world instead of spending the majority of their time keeping their head above water. Then, we want to take it to the road with fellow lightworkers who have the same dream of “freeing people from the system”. Currently paying so much to keep the van, that I’m kept working in my slavery while we are still in early-stages of building the dream, and so I’m looking at moving towns, jobs, and getting this biz going “right now” … so I’m surprised the Tower didn’t show up… 🙂

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