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I Ching 54 > 21 – You are a pawn in someone else’s game > Administer justice

Today I did an I Ching reading with the intention of discovering what advice is going to provide the fastest, smoothest path to the life I desire to experience. I didn’t expect what I got, but it was painfully accurate and confronting.

54ichingYou have compromised your own truth. Allowed yourself to be manipulated through flattery. Dealing with feelings of being used or understanding that you have compromised what is truly important to you requires honesty with yourself. You’ve become a pawn in someone else’s game. Rude awakening that is impossible to brush aside. Crucial to reflect unemotionally on how you co-operated in the seduction and what was motivating your consent.

Whenever we have compromised our authenticity and truth, the first symptom is emptiness within. The only way through the pain of being compromised is to allow yourself to feel it, and take responsibility for your part in it. You put yourself at someone else’s disposal. Remember, a person who is really worthy of such trust will never exploit you. If you’ve been keeping up a false front, it’s time to let it fall. Only the real can encounter the reality and the encounter is overdue.

21ichingThe harmonious unfolding of your life has become blocked and the responsibility is yours to correct the imbalance. Get to the crux of the matter. Look into the root causes of the problem, confront it with honesty and emotional detachment. Face the truth and be wiling to take responsibility. The root cause of distress needs to be fully exposed else the trauma will resurface later on and be far more difficult to deal with. Stick with the facts. Don’t give any energy to anger, revenge, or pity. Justice administered fairly. Act honourably, accurately, and appropriately. Put things right. Expose the rotten apple as it’s affecting every other apple in the barrel. Your ability to act with clarity has been impeded by postponing what you know needs to be done. Some don’t wander off the path by mistake – some do it on purpose.


Very confronting reading and I don’t know how my internal “rubix cube” is going to put all the pieces together and what action if any will be taken, but it definitely pin-pointed and highlighted the key blockage in my life as well as the truth about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Most likely, I will just continue with my tower/death scene that I’m currently experiencing… the letting go of the old and moving onto new beginnings. To me it seems that any other action will disrupt too many lives a lot more than simply leaving the situation and cutting the connection and I was surprised with the changing lines to 21 being so pro-justice, and it’s a lot to take in for me because I’ve been on the path of realizing ‘being the change’ rather than trying to place blame or enact punishment (excepting that I do go through the death-throes of wanting vengeance sometimes, which always bothers me when I can’t just “let things go”). Exposing the wolf doesn’t feel in alignment to my “higher-perspective” view of the situation at this current moment, and definitely doesn’t feel good or right. However, knowing this is deep within me, just explains so much.. if that makes sense.. it’s like.. knowing that this energy of shame, embarrassment, confusion about how it came to pass in my life and what I feel the truth was but that I didn’t want to face that particular truth because it was not seemingly coming from a loving place where I ‘create my own experience’, and I just couldn’t understand how I had created this unexpected ‘dark-side’ of life when life felt like it couldn’t get any better.

Time to pause and reflect, & see what comes bubbling up to the surface to be dealt with from within, and see if I gain deeper perspectives that need action to rectify.


Loving learning the Tarot :)

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