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Opening Pandora’s Box

The only thing that kinda seems really odd to me, about psychics and tarot readers is that they seem to only answer the day-to-day emotional questions to do with love, career and struggles…

.. but can we not tap into much more wisdom than that?

If you had a direct connection to source and to the wisdom of all time and space, would you not use it to discover more about how the universe/reality works, and therefore provide much more meaningful and useful guidance by understanding “how the game is played”, rather than just assuming?

I decided to ask my cards last night.. the big questions, to see why this is so.. and to hopefully find a way to use them to get answers to life’s mysteries.  Have you ever done this too? What answers do you get? I thought I was going to get answers to life’s big questions and more information about how this universe works.. and instead, I opened up Pandora’s Box on my own life… lol.. be careful what you wish for…

After this session, I realized that I am fully unprepared and that I need better questions… but at the time, I was winging-it all the way through and asking whatever came to my mind in the moment..

Can I ask the Big Questions? (No Need to Worry)

Can I ask about Multi-Dimensional beings? (Slow down / You’re Ready)  – bit of a contradiction here

Who am I receiving guidance from? (_______)

Where is this guidance coming from?

The High Priestesswithin-angels-meditate

(The High Priestess, Powerful psychic insights. Reflection & meditation that provides valuable information. Be at peace.)
(Within the Next Few Weeks, Ask your Angels, Meditation Brings Answers)

I’m wondering if I’m communicating with inner-earth beings? (A year from now)

So…. Angels? (Unlikely)

Myself? (If you believe, There’s something better)

Source? (Yes, Improving Health)  — contradiction again?

Jesus? (_______)

My Future Self? (Yes, Improving Health) — huh, same cards again?

You want me to ask a direct question about my health? (Get More Information)

My health is challenged or someone else’s?… Mine? (Don’t stop)

… Someone else’s? (_______)

… Dad’s? (Take Action!)

What can “I” do, he won’t listen to me? (_______)

Will he now listen to my advice? (Yes!)

I can help him? (Look for a Sign)

Can I communicate with him this way? (Look for a Sign, Trust)

This game just got so more real. (Perfect Timing)

I just felt lighter – but I don’t know what that means or what to ask. (_______)

How can I help my dad? (_______)

Are you still there? (lots of cards came out, didn’t write them down)

Can I help dad get healthy? (_______)

Am I asking the wrong questions? (_______)

Ok re: Looking for a Sign… now.. tonight? (If you believe, It’s Up to You, There’s something better, meditation brings answers)

Am I communicating with Dad right now? (_______)

Dad’s Soul? (The Situation Will Improve, Perfect Resolution)

Not the right answer? (_______)

Ok new form of question, let’s go left-field – dad is me? (Meditation brings answers)

Meditate Right now? (No)

Will sleep also bring answers? (_______)

Is dad ok?  (No)

Is he in the hospital right now? (choose a new direction)

Is he alive? (_______)

Is he here? (_______)

Is he at home? (Yes!, You’re Ready!, Success!)

Is he with Carol? (Improving Health, Listen to your intuition)

Should I call his home right now? (Meditation brings answers)

Is dad dead? (It’s up to you!)

So I need to be more firm about my knowledge of how to cure him? (No!)

About my spiritual experiences? (_______)

Am I communicating with dad right now? (Yes)

The same one as I interact with in this timeline, in this physical reality? (Look for a Sign)

His current self, his physical self? The one I can help? (Trust)

I wish I could help him, but he has gone the medical / trust doctors way, and I don’t believe I can help him with his health? Carol feeds him, Kim encourages lemonade and her husband is giving him chemo toxic drugs – what hope do I have if he listens to them? The best way I know how to support him is to respect his wishes and send him healed-already-healed messages and stay positive. (Ask your Angels, Helpful People)

So I Can recommend him to someone else? Like, send him a link or ? (_______)

You say ask my angels, but although I feel I’m being guided – and I feel you right now, I don’t know who/what you are. (Helpful people)

Is this reality a game? (Yes!)

Am I communicating with the players who are observing the game from a different perspective? (_______)

Is that you that I can feel on top of my head? (_______)

What is this feeling on my head.. this tingling energy? (_______)

Something negative? (_______)

Something that has nothing to do with this communication? (_______)

So there is something I can do to help dad? (You’re Ready)

But it’s not something I can do tonight? (No)

Tomorrow? (_______)

Tuesday? (_______)

This Week? (_______)

Are you still there? (Peaceful resolution)

You want me to make peace with Carol? (No!)

She is deliberately p/him? (No!)

Can I “Save” dad? (_______)

Do you just want to make sure I’ve completely forgiven him? (Look for a Sign, Opportunity)

So, you are source, and my dad? (Compromise)

So, I’m communicating with source.. AND the expression of my dad? (_______)

Ok, am I Still communicating with my dad? (_______)

Who am I communicating with right now? (Let go, Remain Positive)

If I sleep tonight, will I be closer to helping my dad? (Forgiveness)

Forgiveness will help my dad? (_______)

Helped George & Sam today with Fb? (In near future, Opportunity)

Helped Glenn with Awakening? (Compromise)

Confused Glenn even more? (_______)

Helped Niz? (Yes)

Helped Glenn? (_______)

Helped George? (_______)

Are you Dad? (_______)

Are you there? (Gabriel Ace, Gabriel 6, Gabriel 8, Page of Gabriel, Queen of Gabriel)

Are you Gabriel? (You’re ready, Success)

Are you an angel? (Unlikely)

Are you an Archangel? (_______)

Are you observing the game? (There’s something better)

And this is the “Something” that I’ll find out through meditation soon? (You’re ready)

For what? (Archangel Metatron x 2)


Are you Metatron? (_______)

Is the Metatron cards for forgiveness? (_______)

Neck/Back Pain (Ask your angels)

Do angels exist? (No need to worry)

Do Archangels exist? (_______)

Will I ever know for certain? (Trust)

How can I know better questions to ask? (Speak with Love)


I decide to go out and ask you what I should ask, but you weren’t online, so I wrote down other questions that I can ask this “Gabriel”

Are you my guardian? (Recovery)

Are you a messenger? (No!)

Do you have a message for me? (No need to worry)

Is anyone else here? (Recovery)

Are you my teacher? (Communicate Clearly)

Is this real? (_______)

Are you a spirit guide? (Opportunity)

Are you “my” spirit guide? (Let Go)

Is my higher self here? (_______)

Are you a celestial being? (_______)

Can I help dad with his health? (_______)

.. with his soul? (_______)

… piece of mind? (_______)

… connecting to source? (_______)

Have I entered another dimension? (Let go)

Did I die? (_______)

Am I a walk in? (_______)

.. a wanderer? (_______)

What does 11:11 mean? (_______)

222 (Improving health)

333 (_______)

444 (_______)

555 (Look for a sign, Ask your angels, Let go, There’s something better, Trust)

0000 (_______)

Is this life an illusion? (Abundance)

Are we creating our own reality with our thoughts? (Choose a new direction, Let go, There’s something better)

Are we multidimensional? (Its up to you! Be Assertive!)

Are there background people? (_______)

Are there reptilians? (No)

Are they dark / evil / negative? (_______)

Is there any negative entities attached to me? (_______)

Do negative entities exist? (In the near future)

Are there negative entities attached to..

… my dad? (Improving Health)

… my sis? (_______)

(I then listed everyone that I could think of and got no response (_______) for each)

Do we want them there? (_______) Are they serving us beneficially? (_______) Can they be transmuted? (_______)

Can I see you? (_______) Am I ready? (_______) What do I need to do to see you, to prepare? (_______)

Can I communicate with you better? (_______)

Can you help my dad? (Big, Happy Changes, Improving Health)

Is the law of one accurate? (_______)

Are we stepping into parallel realities / dimensions? (_______)

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11:50am 31st May 2016

Should I call my dad…? (Take Action, Meditation Brings Answers, No!)

I get a thought come in, that this could be about my biological dad, instead of the one that “I” call Dad…

This is about my biological dad? (Yes!)

Is he alive? (Yes)

Is he unwell? (Be Assertive!)

I don’t even know him, what has this got to do with anything? (Helpful people)

I’m so confused right now. I think I need to … (interrupted by phone call from Fiji)

Did I help Rima? (lady on the phone asking health advice) (Yes)

Should I try and contact my biological dad? (Big, Happy Changes, Listen to your Intuition)

Was that him that I just found on Facebook? (_______)

Is that my brother that I just found on Facebook? (_______)

Ok, why does opening up that can of worms mean big happy changes? My Intuition is in resistance about this. (Let Go, if you believe)

Is my biological dad Bruce? (_______)

So my biological dad wants to contact me? (Ask your Angels)

Does “Ask your Angels” mean the tarot? (No, Romance)


What do you want me to know about my biological dad?

Tarot reading using 3 Tarot decks for more information about “biological dad”

  1. Present: Missing important message, Desire to move on spiritual/emotional growth, opportunity / chance
  2. Challenge: Inflow of Abundance, unexpected material needs, kindness
  3. Foundation: Amazing opportunity to change your life, personal growth, haunted by past pain, sadness, need to forgive
  4. Past: Shadow, Feel trapped, follow heart, love home/family, ego, things not turning out as hoped
  5. Present: Something needs to be healed, important relationships, personal power, courage, don’t give up, believe in yourself
  6. Near Future: Abundance, release regret, guilt, worry, Strength, truth, forgiveness, compassion
  7. My Power: Open heart, kindness, Release past, let go, clearing away all that no longer serves
  8. Others: Lack self-confidence, confusion, helpless, safe to trust, metatron, leap of faith, unexpected opportunities, spiritual quest, do what you know is right for you
  9. Hopes/Fears: New opportunities, acknowledgement of success, career advancement, end of difficult situation, conflict resolved
  10. Outcome: Relationship reaches next level, release yourself from burden, abundance of emotional fulfilment, spiritual growth, a new home

Is that to do with the business (Take Action)

Or my biological dad? (Opportunity)

Or house situation (_______)

My Job? (_______)

Leaving my job? (Don’t Stop)

I need to stay at my job for some reason (Trust, Helpful People)

Is this anything to do with x? (Recovery)

What will be the outcome if I leave my job? (Positive x 2)

What will be the outcome if I move to Ballarat? (Positive x 6)

What will be the outcome if I contact my biological dad (Positive x 2, Negative x 2)

Is this coming up for “his” benefit? (_______)

Why is he coming up? (_______)

Is he the root cause of some of my issues? (You’re Ready, Get more Information)

Is this my last chance to deal with it in this lifetime? (No need to worry)

What will be the outcome if I contact my brother? (Positive x 1)

What will be the outcome if I go via my friend? (Peace / Death, Let Go, Release the Past)

Do I need to ‘contact’ my biologial father to let go of the past? (Positive x 5, Forgiveness, Intuition, Opportunity, Within a Month, Peaceful Resolution)

Are there any better ways of contacting him, rather than via my friend? (No need to worry)

I don’t need to contact him? (Wait)

He will contact me? (Success! Perfect Timing, Look for a Sign)

While he is still alive? (_______)

The best approach is not to approach directly? (_______)

It’s in his hands already? (_______)

Does he know who I am? (Be Assertive!)

Has he ever looked me up? (You’re Ready, Unlikely, Remain Positive)

Is he psychic? (_______)

Is he communicating with me? (_______)

Will I meet him in the physical? (_______)

Is he in Melbourne? (Yes)

This side? (_______)

Will I meet him at work? (Let Go)

Is he still alive? (Yes!)

What am I ‘ready’ for? (_______)

Is he spiritually connected? (_______)

What is he going through right now? (4 of Gabriel / Fire)

32-63-ichingIChing / Tao Advice for me regarding Biological dad

32- Strong Foundations

changes to

63 – After the End

  • Expecting too much, too fast. Slow down. Be sensitive to the timing.
  • You are too easily rocked by external influences and the only way to change that is to turn inward – meditation
  • Sniff around elsewhere, things might be more promising
  • Choose a course of action you are comfortable with
  • Lack of commitment to details keeps tripping you up

Is transferring my current job to new location a good option? (Trust)

What will be the outcome if I transfer my job to Ballarat? (There is something better waiting for you! Do what you know is right for you. A spiritual quest)

Am I dying? (Within the next few weeks, recovery, Don’t Stop!, Meditation brings answers, forgiveness)

Is there anything I can do to not die in the next few weeks? (Unlikely)

So I don’t need to worry about work? 🙂 (Forgiveness, Let Go)

I’m going to a better place? (Success!)

5d, 6d or similar? (Communicate clearly)

Am I going to the new earth? (Meditation brings answers, communicate clearly)

Will I be having a physical death? (You’re ready)

For what, Ascension? (Wait)

What is it I’m meant to know at this time?

  • The Moon (Face fears)
  • 9 Water (Make a Wish)
  • 7 Earth (Make work fun)

How can I avoid suffering?? (_______)

  • Share house? (_______)
  • Community? (_______)
  • Create something wonderful for humanity? (_______)

What is the path of least suffering?

  • Job Transfer? (In near future)
  • Company (WW) Transfer (Unlikely)
  • My Tarot Oracle biz or related? (Not the right time)
  • My own biz skills? (_______)
  • Workshops? (No)
  • Meetups? (Communicate clearly, within the next few weeks, its up to you)
  • Marketing startup kits? (_______)
  • Sitewyse? (_______)
  • Lightworkers? (_______)
  • NaturalHealing (Trust)
  • Herbalcleanse (_______)
  • Global Healing (_______)
  • Downsizing my belongings? (_______)

Living as community house in Ballarat? (Take Action, Reconsider)

  • Co-Share Biz in Ballarat? (Big, Happy Changes!)
  • Co-Share home in Ballarat (Reconsider)
  • Co-Share biz somewhere else? (_______)
  • Co-share home somewhere else? (_______)
  • Live alone? (Ask your Angels)
  • There is an option I haven’t considered yet? (_______)

Something better coming? (There’s something better! You deserve even more than what you’re asking for)

  • There’s a share-house waiting for me? (_______)
  • Rental? (_______)
  • House where I can live alone? (_______)
  • House-sitting opportunity? (Its up to you)
  • My lottery tickets are winners? (no need to worry)
  • Linda’s? (Trust, Unlikely)
  • An opportunity to go overseas? (_______)
  • Death? (Get more information)
  • A biz I can live in? (Success!)
  • My Van? (_______)
  • So look for a biz where I can stay on-site? (A year from now)

I can’t stay here – what is the best path to leave here in the next few weeks? (Within the next few months)

I’m not welcome here, I have to leave before M comes home. Do I have any good options for right now? (_______)

  • In the next few weeks? (Yes)
  • Does it involve moving to Ballarat? (In the near future)
  • So what’s first, getting job in Ballarat? (Trust)

I hope the miracle is amazingly good.

  • Someone else will offer me a job or house? (opportunity)
  • Someone from my family? (choose a new direction)
  • So keep current job? (Let Go)
  • Of my questioning about this? (_______)
  • Go check my tickets? (communicate clearly)
  • Tattslotto tickets that Linda bought me for my birthday (Trust, There’s something Better)
  • Is it related to the lottery? (Ask your angels)
  • Someone else is coming into Abundance? (_______)

Which card represents the closest depiction to who/what I’m communicating with?

  • (9 Air, Ace Water, Wheel, 3 Earth, Peace – Death)

I need to figure out how to generate at least $500/week in the next few weeks.

  • Is that possible? (Remain Positive)
  • Will an opportunity enable that or better to manifest? (compromise)
  • So I might need to work for/with someone else for this to be a reality in the next few weeks? (Perfect timing, no need to worry)
  • Why is X back on my mind? (Justice, Peace – Death, 9 Air) – Let Go, Release Past, Release negative feelings

GoFundMe campaign? (communicate clearly)

  • A campaign to start a biz and help me move? (_______)

I don’t want to walk on eggshells anymore. I want to feel free. Is this part of the “Big, Happy Changes” that are coming? (_______)

So.. more eggshells to walk on? (_______)

Doesn’t sound like happy changes to me.

Find a shed where I can store my stuff? (_______)

Outcome if I find a shed where I can store my stuff?(_______)

Linda? (_______)

Adeon? (_______)

I’m scared.

Divine Purpose – bring about the changes our planet needs and help create a society built upon integrity, truth, and cooperation.

What do I need to know to raise my vibration, and move towards my Divine Purpose?

  • 12. Perspective (hanging man)
  • 12. Awakening (hanging man)
  • Stalemate, Romance, Listen to Divine Guidance

Is this sign really obvious? (_______)

Ok.. I’m thinking to either..

  1. Get started on packing up and sorting my belongings, finding a shed to store them in, or
  2. Work on TarotOracle and hope for the best or for more to unfold, or
  3. Start looking for work in Ballarat and places of work in Ballarat that resonates, or
  4. Putting up a Gumtree ad for helping people and hoping for something similar
  5. Training course or Neis / more training
  6. Other

What will be the outcome if I focus on these?

  1. 4 Neg, 1 ? … Not right time, put ego aside, share your innovative ideas with group and take a back seat, conflict, ending drama. Tao: #1 – Do Nothing
  2. 3 Pos, 1 ? … Success! Self-Employment, Born Entrepreneur, 19 Sun “Happy Outcome”, 3 Fire – More to come Tao: #9 –
  3. 1 Pos, 3 Neg… Stay optimistic, don’t quite, successful, 10 Fire, Trying too hard to please others. Tao: #15 – Modest & Meditation
  4. 3 Pos, 2 ??… Yes! Trust, 11 Strength, Unwise Choice, 6 Air. Tao: #11 – Yes, by joining with others
  5. 2 Neg, 2 Pos… Physical Outlet, 0 Dreamer, Follow dreams, 17. Star, 9 Epiphany. Tao #51 (Chaos)
  6. 4 Neg, 1 Pos… Recovery, Surrender fear, 20 renewal, Move in a new direction, Ace water. Tao #51 (Chaos)

So slow down on everything except keep going on tarot site? (not the right time)

What message do you want me to take away the most right now in relation to moving before M gets home?

  • TAO #51  (Shocking / Chaos)

How can I avoid the chaos and have less suffering, even joy in relation to this?

  • TAO #39 (Obstacles)

Is this to do with Tax? (_______) BOM? (_______) Dad? (_______)

A death (Opportunity)

How can someone’s death be an opportunity? (Wheel, New beginnings, End of delays, Change in direction)

My death? (_______)

Is someone draining my life force? (No! Romance)

Are my obstacles all internal/within? (_______)

Am I safe? (_______)

Is my sister safe? (Trust, There’s something better, within the next few weeks)

Is the “Something better” related to:

  • Financial Abundance? (Remain Positive)
  • Emotional Fulfilment? (Improving health, helpful people, forgiveness, reconsider, compromise)
  • Security/Home? (Within the next few weeks)
  • Family? (Unlikely)
  • Love? (_______)
  • Other? (Success!)
  • Dad? (Remain Positive)
  • Biological Dad? (_______)
  • Job Related? (_______)
  • B? (compromise)
  • I need to improve my health? (Let Go)
  • Or I can help someone else’s health? (Opportunity, Reconsider)
  • Something else to do with improving health? (Let go, communicate clearly)
  • I am a mother figure to someone? (Meditation brings answers)
  • Something related to my mother? (_______)
  • Mother nature? (no)

Pretty much feel like I’m supposed to be taking massive & urgent action right now, but feeling like the cards are telling me to slow down, stop and meditate (Recovery, Get more information)

How can I feel super happy like heaven on earth today?

  • 9 Fire – stay determined and move forward, be prepared for any possibility
  • Page Fire – follow your passion, you are ready for any challenge, opportunities for excitement and adventure
  • 6 Fire – Congrats, time to move onto the next project
  • 3 Raphael – reasons to celebrate.. a community of friends, happy announcements
  • 19 Sun – Life is wonderful, thrive through the power of positive thinking, an inspiring success!

Am I communicating with God? (Abundance)

  • The Universe? (No! Yes!)
  • Something with a sense of humour? 🙂  (in the near future, perfect timing)
  • Source? (_______)
  • Helpful People? (_______)
  • Helpful people from ‘this’ dimension? (_______)

What can I expect if I go to work today?  (10 Michael, situation has ended, finally free, new opportunities for happiness, put past behind you)

How can I improve my peace of mind, heaven on earth? (stay in your integrity)

What is the impact of raising my vibrations? (Plans work out well, financial success, using resources wisely)

What are the Pro’s? (Peace / Death, release the past, there is a more enriching future coming, let go and let god)

What are the Con’s? (You can manifest the life you want, what you need will magically appear, successful beginnings)

What do I need to know about my current workplace? (your plans are working out very well, professional and financial success, using resources wisely)

What do I need to do to achieve harmony in the workplace? (Withdraw from the drama of others, have patience)

What is standing in the way? (The lovers, deep emotional commitments, love)

How can I overcome this? (Starting a new life, finding your purpose, forgiving/compassionate review of the past, when you give – you also receive, dont be resistant to change, your plans are working out well, professional and financial success, using resources wisely)

How can I improve my ability to handle work dramas? (prosperity arising from wise planning, time to take the next step, optimistic plans that turn out as expected, a positive new emotional experience, fulfilling relationships, deep and lasting spiritual insights, make new plans – relocation or travel, release yourself from that which holds you back, detox, unnecessary worry based on lack of self-confidence, a new exciting challenge, you have what it takes to succeed, do what you love, time of great personal growth in your career, working with others in a cooperative manner.

What role do I play in x’s problem? (a new emotional situation, messages regarding relationships, great intuitive insights)

Does she have a personal vendetta against me? (Yes! Forgiveness, Ask your Angels)

Will self-forgiveness and forgiveness of her help this situation? (Within the next few weeks)

Because of office gossip? (helpful people)

Other staff members? (Unlikely, Get more information)

Something I’ve done that she has taken personally? (recovery, romance)

Her ego, undermining her authority?  (_______)

She’s so tense around me, ready to fight, defences always up, that I can’t relax around her either…
What do I need to change in order to create more peace between us? (release the past, you will grow from this situation, time heals all wounds)

What can I do to get clearer communication? (positive thoughts, less worry)

Am I a channel? (_______)

Can my words be trusted? (_______)

Can I trust my intuition at this time? (within the next few weeks)

Something astrological that is messing with intuition right now? (look for a sign)

Are dreams another dimension? (a year from now)

Do we often travel / move between dimensions? (_______)

… Parallel realities? (_______)

Is there a dimension where me and x are not tense? (remain positive)

Is the dream world the gathering of our higher selves? (_______)

Can our higher selves communicate with each other? (peaceful resolution)

What final messages do you have to help me go through today like heaven on earth? (face your fears, release the past, the situation will improve)

I want to feel heaven on earth today. (Leap of Faith, Metatron, believe in yourself, listen to your heart, do what gives you joy)

Metatron = god? game creator? (if you believe)

Loving learning the Tarot :)

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