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Tower, Death and 7 different Major Arcana’s in my reading for Thurs-Sun

I was trying to do a reading for Thurs-Sun (my work days).. let’s hope that this is more of a spread-out reading hehe.. cos I don’t know if I can handle 7 different major’s in 4 days.. but this reading is absolutely 100% spot on for my life right now!


  1. Present Situation – TOWER (16) – Change / Life Experience / Out with the old, in with the new
    With having to find a new place to live – where, how, how can I afford it, work – need a new job to go to too – where, how, and nothing resonates, divine guidance / spiritual insights, past traumas coming up to be dealt with – thinking of my biological dad who I’ve never met – is that a can of worms I want to open?, a ‘fun’ relationship that drove me to the brink of madness last year when I was going through my awakening – figuring out how to completely let go so that I can not keep thinking shit like “I’m here to help him” – when clearly that was some kind of karmic spiritual lesson to get me to either learn ultimate forgiveness for the dark side of people and whether to trust my visions or whether to trust my intuition.. all sorts of crazy shit came up to the surface to deal with in that scenario – hoping I’m dealing with the last remnants of whatever childhood wounds that are still running around in my subconscious driving me mad lol, and frankly.. this reading.. is quite positive.. has the air of”letting shit go” and “moving on to new beginnings” as very key messages.
  2. Current Challenge – Deciding what action to take, goals, patience
    wanting to get my biz up and going so that I’m serving humanity as my “day job” instead of working in places where I don’t resonate, but I procrastinate because I have to do everything in 3 weeks already and so there’s no real time to work on the biz, so this card is just re-iterating the challenge that I face, the goals I have, to be patient with the fruition of getting the biz going, and my dilemma about what I should be focusing my time on.
  3. Foundation – You “can” make a difference – entrepreneurial ideas destined to succeed
    I have big plans to help humanity, and even after my “little biz’s” that I want to share and help people with, there is this “big one” in the back of my mind – has been there for a decade, and I’ve used every excuse in the book not to go after my big dreams, the things that I think we really need to help each other with, but I see this in my future now, and because of that.. I think my world is crumbling to make room & open up the opportunities for me to go for it
  4. Recent Past – SUN (19)  – positive recognition – new ideas, epiphanies, inspired new beginnings, where we shine
    After the universe introduced me to a new friend on a mountain top, my priorities about life have changed, my perspective about where I was going changed.. I suddenly saw an opportunity to bring my ideas into fruition, that it’s possible – if we work together – to really create something that can help humanity at this time.
  5. Present – MOON (18) – Intuition, Trust your instincts, release fears, irrational fears/worry, truth revealed.
    The fears have been coming in waves. Right now I’m very optimistic about where I’m heading, and the new beginnings being a blessing, and that it will all work out, but I go through waves of “how the hell am I going to do this?”, I need money to keep my van, to pay rent, to eat, “survival mode”, security, to pay my website host, and I need to get out of where I’m living and it has a deadline.. etc… so I worry about how I’m going to pull off a miracle, and I get fearful about the things that still come up in relation to when I was going through my awakening, the dark side, and not being able to trust my intuition and the confusion of it all etc. I prefer the state of mind I’m in right now, but everyday I get a “wave” of worry for a few minutes to a few hours on & off, self-doubt, low self-esteem etc. But right now, that seems to have vanished.. hoping the work I did going deep today has dealt with that stuff, so that I can have more clarity as I move forward to newness.
  6. Near Future – FOOL (0) – New beginnings, unique gifts to offer the world, free yourself, new opportunities, dreamer
    The Fool is a great card, one that re-iterates the newness, the new journey, the hero’s journey.. the dreamer’s journey. The changing of careers & location and the “moving on” with a skip-in-my-step.
  7. My Power – DEATH (13) – Letting go of what no longer serves, releasing past, death of old me
    The death card re-affirms my need to let go of my fears and my negative beliefs and my worries and that which is holding me back. I need to let go, trust, have faith, embrace the newness, and allow this chapter to close to move onto the next chapter.
  8. Others – Social invite &/or someone who wants to open his heart but feels shy/uncertain about doing so – gentle, loving, kind, integrity.
    This has already happened.. got an special invitation to a secret event, that should surround me with “the others” and open up doors for possibly establishing the foundations for the next chapter. I’m not sure about the people interpretation.. it could be the guy that invited me, a friend who is going through his heart-break, definitely gentle, loving, kind and  full of integrity, or it could be one of the many people who have messaged me these past few days, from emails, to new facebook contacts and existing facebook contacts, to the gumtree replies that I’ve had.. all from “my kind of people” who “get” where I’m at and what we are here to do for the world, and it’s a little overwhelming, but I will see how the month plays out.. it could be those people or it could be someone new that is part of this reading, or all of the above, or it could be someone from the past wanting to reach out & feeling uncertain about doing so.
  9. Hopes/Fears – Happiness on the horizon, offer forgiveness, kindness & be rewarded with unconditional love
    Well this sounds promising. I have a couple of people in my life that try as I might to establish a good energy.. we just .. clash. I’ll continue and maybe double-my-efforts to stay in a loving & empathetic state of mind, no matter what they seem to be going through – stay away I might, but just keep vibrating high, because I really do want there to be no energetic-karmic-bad-vibes still swimming around to be dealt with when I leave. I don’t want to “retreat/escape”.. I want to walk confidently towards.
  10. Outcome – HIEROPHANT (5) – Unity, Embrace others, find the others, spiritual, feeling safe, groups of people who look out for one another, unconditional love
    Outcome looks great for moving forward. I have a dream of finding the others and working together to serve humanity.. this is a great card for the outcome I want.

I also got another Moon card from another deck and the Queen of Water / Healer of Emotion / Queen of Cups, which I took as being able to trust my intuition and that I am a mirror for others (reflecting their hidden depths) and coupled with the cards below, it makes sense that the thing that I am ‘letting go of’ are because I was energetically drawing those who are suffering to me, seeing & feeling their skeletons and pain, yet they are putting on a front that they are strong/capable/not suffering, and are thrown-off and get scared when someone can see through that and attempts to reach out help them, so maybe I need to learn how to pretend that I can’t see/feel what they are going through, whilst still providing compassion, love and an energy of understanding from the side-lines. Like be available, but not offer help until it’s asked for.

loveThe love cards were as expected (no romance in my life right now as I am focused on career/moving and ‘letting the last one go’, and not feeling any ‘romantic’ feelings).

  • Honesty is Essential – love seeks to do what is best for another person, clear the air = positive outcome
  • You are energetically attracting – learn your lesson = healthy outcome

A reminder that I attract people that “need saving” and that I don’t want to “let them go” until I know they are ok, but sometimes maybe the best thing for all is to let go, that the best thing is to let them go through their experiences without intervention – stumble and fall if that’s what they are here to experience, to learn what they came here to experience & grow from the wondrous school of life. This could also be to do with being honest with myself.. that I can move on without waiting for that person to ‘wake up’. It could also be about standing on my own two feet – that it’s time to leave this place where I live and move on for others to also move on with their lives.


A card from my new deck popped-out out the Indigo card, which I determined as being a great card for re-affirming my beliefs in what I’m doing, the new biz and the people I have in my life all being people who want to help change the world, help be the change in the world, and the lightworkers site that I will be helping to launch for someone else, as well as all the “others” I’m meeting lately.

The starseed tarot gave me JUDGEMENT (20) – Karma – renewal, move in new direction, service to others and world, looking at your life and making changes to correct your path to your life purpose.
Sounds very much in alignment to correcting my life-purpose, to start doing what I came here to do.. and to let go of ‘little me’ that was healing and procrastinating.


Strength_LPI also got the “Soul Lesson: Security” card which definitely relates to moving .. changing… concerns about my security/safety, etc. And the “Poet” archetype card (no idea what that is about lol.. maybe I’ll meet a poet at the event? hehe).

From the “Life Purpose” deck.. I got the ‘Strength’ card which I think is a gentle reminder to go after my career dreams with courage.


Overall pretty happy with this reading.


Tonight I got a mini-tower event when my nephew spilt a whole glass of orange juice into my oracle box and all the oracle decks that I had “outside of boxes” and randomly in my box got soaked in orange juice. My sister and I cleaned each card and they are now sitting on the lounge room floor drying out.. so not all the cards were available to be “plucked” tonight, and yet I got a reading that was absolutely spot-on for my life.


Loving learning the Tarot :)

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