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What is important to know today for a content and heaven on earth day?

What is important to know today for a content and heaven on earth day?

  1. Present
  2. Challenge
  3. Foundation
  4. Past
  5. Present
  6. Near Future
  7. My Power
  8. Others
  9. Hopes/Fears
  10. Outcome


  1. Present, 54, 10 Raphael (water), 7 Earth, 9 Flames (Fire)
  2. Challenge, 5, King Raphael (water), 17. Star, 17. Star
  3. Foundation, 23, Queen Raphael (water), Queen Air, 20. Karma
  4. Past, 57, Ace Raphael (water), 21. World, 9 crystals (earth)
  5. Present, 3, 9 Ariel (Earth), Page of Fire, 9 of Orbs (air)
  6. Near Future, 20, 11. Strength, 4 of Air, Master crystals (king earth)
  7. My Power, 63, 6. The Lovers, 7 of Air, Seeker of Orbs (page air)
  8. Others, 42, 2. High Priestess, 5 of Earth, 2 Flames (fire)
  9. Hopes/Fears, 56, Ace of Michael (air), 6 of Fire, 5. Guidance
  10. Outcome, 44, 6 of Michael (air), 8 of Fire, 6 Flames (fire)


  1. Present – Low self-esteem, chained, temporary pause, unnecessary worry, harmonious family, commitment & determination
  2. Challenge – Waiting / Right-timing, Make positive long-term plans, follow creative passions, good changes, inspiration
  3. Foundation – Collapse, let go, eliminate the old, death, clearing negative, eliminating that which no longer serves, follow your heart, home/family, trust instincts, reflect, judgement, healing old karma
  4. Past – Faith, Honest connections, close friendship, path toward enlightenment, deep/lasting spiritual insights, security, abundance (?)
  5. Present – Fear/doubts, vulnerable, news of exciting new endeavour, dreams are being fulfilled, self-employment, good work, overtaken by fears, despair
  6. Near Future – Reflection, detached observation, contemplate, rest, meditate, self-confidence, forgiveness, rest, wait, success, accept opportunities that come your way, abundance rewarded after hard work
  7. My Power – Victory, attainment, poor timing, need to revise plan, make choices from the heart, gossip or constructive criticism brings truth
  8. Others – Sharing, abundance, encouragement, fears surrounding money, uncertain self-employment, accepting help, leadership, mission, ball is rolling, partnership
  9. Hopes/Fears – Travel, adventure, coping, broaden horizons, good news on its way, wonderful new idea, communication problems, bumps in the road, spiritual guidance
  10. Outcome – passionate encounter, sex, fast moving events, no more delays, light at the end of the tunnel, relocation, balance restored, victory, nobility


  1. Present 54 – know what you are getting into before you sign your name on the dotted line, sorrow can be a turning point that shifts your focus toward respecting yourself, takes courage to follow your own path especially when it lies in the face of convention, anything short of walking that path is a denial of your right to grow into your own individual uniqueness, peace of mind can only be realized when you are able to fulfil the potential you came into the world to express, consult your inner heart before you take another step, don’t be tempted to blame others for your current circumstance, there are no quick fixes to your distress, deal with the issues at hand.
  2. Challenge 5 – some things cannot be foreseen, all your attempts to prepare yourself for what you think is to come will only agitate you & disturb the energy that is best spent getting your feet on the ground in the here and now, gather your dignity and sit for a while as events will continue to unfold, make yourself as small a target as possible, silent sitting in reflection, detach, self-awareness & alertness to the rhythms of change, take a breather, but don’t fall asleep, endurance, tolerance, maintaining your composure in spite of delays and difficulties, in the midst of chaos, this understanding will enable you to recognize help when it comes and accept it graciously with gratitude.
  3. Foundation 23 – it is unclear who/what is undermining your efforts now, be careful as you proceed, once the negative influence is exposed, you can deal with it in the light of day, you are feeling more isolated, don’t act out of fear or neediness, refrain from doubting or negative thinking, stay neutral and suspend inner judgements, breakdowns are an opportunity for you to learn how to deal with restoring, repairing, and even improving what is falling apart, you’re learning a whole new level of self-sufficiency, and you will be able to draw on this knowledge long after the present situation is over, accept the finality of this time, the tide is turning and resolution appears possible, stay alert & open-minded, when negativity has nothing left to feed upon, it destroys itself, making room for new opportunities to take root.
  4. Past 57 – make sure your focus is clear, experiment with effortless effort, remove any obstacles that stand in the way of your clarity,
  5. Present 3 – take a step back and realize that you don’t have to do it all by yourself, don’t be too stubborn to take the risk of being humble enough to ask for help or to take it when it is offered, wait for the fog to clear, trust our intuition, stop and ask for directions, impatience is a quality of the ego that wants to prove itself
  6. Near Future 20 -contemplation leads you to understanding how this event is related to the larger pattern of your life, meditation, self-reflection, detached observation, the future always unfolds out of the present moment, step aside from your own self-interests and look at what is most beneficial for the whole
  7. My Power 63 – stay true to your vision, when exposed – see them as proud battle scars, you have nothing to hide and no reason to offer apologies, find sturdy helpers who know how to navigate difficult terrain, watch out for delusions of grandeur, keep your eye on the prize but remember the true prize awaits your realization that living fully here and now is the ultimate reward,
  8. Others 42 – reach out and give support to others, once your own burdens are lessened, you can in turn ease the way for someone else, your actions set wholesome precedents for others, all kinds of projects can flourish in leaps and bounds, embrace the opportunities that open to you, what could be better than going for the real gold in the knowledge that in your own small way you’ve helped to make the world a better place? you are called to serve as a mediator between the fortunate and the less fortunate, to facilitate the ultimate benefit of all, don’t offer more than you can deliver,
  9. Hopes/Fears 56 don’t become petty or trivial, aggression will attract resistance, keep your lifestyle simple and self-contained, you will be provided for, you’re judging others as foolish but you’re the one that most fits that description, you’re always guarded and uncomfortable, study the locals, tune into others and be willing to adapt to them rather than impose.
  10. Outcome 44 – be alert to anything that undermines well-being, negative thinking is like a virus, be diligent to clear your mind of inner complaints and judgments, avoid being influenced by someone else’s unhealthy attitude, your intolerance of others is a reflection of your own small-mindedness, practice tolerance and forgiveness, continue with what you know to be right, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t – you will be judged unfavourably whatever you do, so make a decision anyway and stick to it

Loving learning the Tarot :)

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